I am an avid adventurer and landscape photographer. My passion is heading out into the wilderness to explore new areas and find amazing places to photograph. From Beautiful British Columbia, I am fortunate to have BC’s vast wilderness as my backyard. From long camping trips with my family as a child, to long hikes with friends in our teens, to back-country camping expeditions, and traveling abroad into the deep forests of foreign lands, Landscape Photography has become an interest of mine as a natural progression out of a lifelong relationship with the outdoors.  I began my photographic venture 8 years ago studying at Focal Point Photography School in Vancouver. Now my interest has turned, and I am working to become a professional landscape photographer.

Photographic Goals

  • To Create images of the highest quality.
  • Capture scenes of rarely seen places.
  • Share stories through pictures.
  • Reconnect People to the natural world.

My photography is unique because every step of its creation is special. I travel solo to many locations that are often remote or dangerous. And to capture that perfect shot, I will rely on my adept skill set in order to overcome physical obstacles that many others would not attempt. My training in photography has allowed me, along with my Canon 6D, to create amazing photos.

Production Qualities:

  • Each photo is meticulously hand selected.
  • Fine tuned in Lightroom, not Photoshop.
  • Printed on high quality professional paper.
  • Hand mounted on acid free paper and Mattes.
  • Encased in gallery quality frames.
  • Each print is limited to a maximum of 10 prints, many are less.
  • Each Photo is authenticated and cataloged.

~David Scott Perrigard~

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